4 May 2017


In the pursuit of dominating a Niche in search engines by utilizing affiliate niche marketing strategy, you have to have a clear cut concept about an effective affiliate niche marketing system which might earn you first page search engine rank.
In order to obtain a first page ranking in practically no time, essential to begin campaigning with article marketing. A successful drive for a good number of article sites that is ranked at prominent positions by the search engines largely depends on how skillfully you can utilize the niche keywords as the article title. This is certainly by producing precious backlinks to your website. Articles that will be ranked significantly high up the listings will not only bring in instant traffic but also promotes your principal website on the first page. As a result of which leading article directories such as ezine articles, article base etc will pick up your articles from the various article directories and use them as content on their sites. Although you can contribute the maximum number of articles on any particular topic, in order to be listed it is obligatory that you should optimize your articles by using number of backlinks that you will submit to each of those directories.
As soon as you finish writing an article belonging to your niche, it is better if you can represent the entire article through a video. Nearly all the points covered by your article can be represented through a video. Once you use such highly rated keywords in such a video, your page rank will automatically be high in certain video sharing sites such as you tube. In order to use more competitive keywords it is essential to use a SEO friendly video title along with a SEO friendly video description. This will facilitate your video to be ranked on the first page of the search results. Such videos themselves are capable of bringing in bulk traffic inflow in the sites and are remarkably placed at prominent positions by the search engines. It is the best advantage that a video clip has as it can achieve a high page rank for your article. It is already evident that you will be able to gain valuable backlinks from the various video sites and other sites as well where your video has been posted. Normally it is advisable that you submit the videos having significant content and format differences and they are written along with different titles. This is a unique technique that boosts up your chances of getting more than one video to be listed high up amongst the top. If you can utilize any of these methods or strategies you will certainly realize that the articles and the video posts after being approved by the search engines are sure to fetch you with a high page rank but only for a short period of time. In order to overcome this problem, another viable strategy has been introduced. This is known as social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a powerful tool that creates backlinks and enhances the position of your sites in SERP’s. In order to have a first page ranking for a considerable amount of time you need to develop your website with one way backlinks along with good quality material from trusted social bookmarking sites. You can then use this tool to create important backlinks in order to connect t0o your principal website. This is absolutely crucial if you are targeting broader niches and you intend to have complete dominion of your niche.